The packaging chosen by the Lombardi company ensures that the products are always protected in the best possible manner to preserve their quality and flavour and guarantee the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards.

The various containers, from glass to different types of plastic materials for foodstuffs, are designed to optimise storage space and enable safe, fast use.

Depending on their destination, our products come in glass or various types of "transparent" containers, PVC and aluminium bags for foodstuffs, and also tubs and cans. All our containers are compliant with EC standards.


Our 3 lines, Lombardi, Conserve Toscane and Prestige come in glass jars with individual labels.  

The Catering line is packed in containers to meet the specific needs of the professional market and all the product information is indicated on a basic label.


Upon request, and depending on the quantity ordered, we can also package products with "PRIVATE LABELS". 


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