The Catering line is our answer to the demands of gastronomy stores, restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and public facilities. We offer the quality and freshness that always distinguish our products in containers that are safe, practical and of fast use, as well as soddisfying high hygiene standards.

    Giant olives

    Giant olives

    Sweet and big green olives in brine 1 kg
    Pitted green olives
    Pitted green olives 200 gr
    Sun-dried tomatoes
    Sun-dried tomatoes in sunflower oil 1,5 kg
    Sliced artichokes
    Sliced artichokes 1,7 kg
    "Mezzanella" capers
    "Mezzanella" capers in salt 5 kg
    Grilled eggplants
    Grillled eggplants in sunflower oil 1 kg
    Grilled zucchini
    Grilled zucchini in sunflower oil 1 kg
    Roasted chillies
    Roasted chillies 1 kg
    Roasted onions
    Roasted onions 1 kg
    Chillies with tuna fish
    Chillies filled with tuna fish 260 gr

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